Maddur Watershed

  • 1 automatic weather station located at the forest check post : temperature (min, max, aver), relative humidity (min, max, aver), precipitation (total, hourly maximum), wind speed (cumulative, maximum), wind direction, cumulative radiation. These 7 results are given daily. Hourly temperature, relative humidity, rain, wind, cumulative radiation is also monitored.
  • 2 automatic rain gauges equipped with a Hobo data logger. One is located at the summit of the watershed, the other one is in Maddur Colony school. They were installed in January 2007 (Figure 4).
  • Stream water level : Monitored every 15 minutes with a Thalimedes at the outlet.
  • Stream samples : since august 2006, samples are collected weekly by one person of the check post staff.
  • Water table measurements : 3 data loggers installed in January 2007 (Figure 4).
  • A sampling of all waterpoints (surface and groundwater) in Maddur watershed is done before, during and after the monsoon (See Figure 5 for all the waterpoint locations). These waterpoints include, handpump-wells (Figure 6), open wells, dugwells (Figure 7), borewells (Figure 8), water tanks
f4 - Localisation des préleveurs de pluie et des enregistreurs automatisés

Figure 4. Map showing the locations of rain gauge and data loggers for Maddur watershed

Figure 5. Carte des sites de prélèvements d’eau sur le BVE de Maddur.

Figure 5. Map showing all the water (surface or groundwater) sampling sites for Maddur watershed.

f6- Puits à pompage manuel

Figure 6. Hand pump well (sampling site M6)

f7-Puits ouvert non maçonné (site M7)

Figure 7. Dugwell (sampling site M7)

f8- Puits à pompage automatique (site M64)

Figure 8. Borewell (sampling site M64)